Headed to Houston 

Hey y'all! Off we head into the wild blue yonder for a couple days in Houston. Unfortunately, Bert Wills is unable to play with us due to the recent passing of his father. Please send your thoughts and prayers his way.

Friday night (tonight) at Katie's in Bacliffe, TX has been cancelled as a result but we're still on for Saturday night in Houston at Emmit's Place! We're excited to welcome Adam Burchfield (Austin, The Octanes) to join us on stage and listen for us on KPFT at 10:30am CST Saturday morning!

Thanks to Bad Bob Rohan for this awesome poster...

Dr. John!!! 

On February 19 I had the amazing opportunity to join Dr. John onstage at the Heymann Performing Arts Center in Lafayette, LA. Here are some fabulous performance shots by the talented photographer, Philip Gould ( as well as a couple shots I took with my iPhone. Enjoy!


New Year, New Band Photos 

It's a new year and we figured it was high time we took some new band photos, especially given that Vanessa's hair is considerably shorter and the fact that we have a steady line-up of musicians these days.

Thanks to Tamara Grayson for this stunning shot, taken at Mickey Markey Park in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans.

Gal Holiday is (L to R): Greg Good (Rhythm Guitar), Michael Sollars (Drums), Vanessa Niemann (Lead VOX, "The Gal"), Izzy Zaidman (Lead Guitar) and David Brouillette (Upright Bass).




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