1. Loose Diamonds

From the recording Lost & Found

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Well he took a ridden a runaway train
He left it all behind everything he could find was in vain
His name was Loose Diamonds
Loose Diamonds

He was a usually poet, had usual ransom phrases and words
But his mind is shot every thought scattered like birds
Scattered like Loose Diamonds
Loose Diamonds

Loose Diamonds slip though your fingertips
Like a love that leaves a bitter taste on your lips
You'll love Loose Diamonds
Oh yes you will yes you will

'Cause they look so darn pretty look so unrefined
So give it up girl throw your pearls right down before the swine
C'mon Loose Diamonds

Don't throw your love away
Don't throw your love away
They're so hard to hold
Yes they're so hard to hold

Still the story goes on no it just doesn't end
I heard he moved back to town got his life back together again

C'mon Loose Diamonds