1. Desert Disco

From the recording Lost & Found

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I was lost in some desert disco, I'd been wandering around.
Saw the glow of bright lights in the distance, so I stumbled into town.
Then a maitre d' grabbed a hold of me and stopped my ramblin round.

Knew I wasn't in San Francisco when my feet first hit the floor.
All the money machines, bells, and whistles made a loud and steady roar.
All the people there didn't seem to care, they kept on wanting more.

Well if you have the time, why don't you go unwind and spend your hard earned pay?
On the city lights and sinful sites, and booze to chase those blues away.

Lost my sense and I spent all my money, so I stumbled down the road.
Heart was aching to be back in Louisiana, or to see someone I know.
Then a gun shot once, a gun shot twice, and it was time to go.

When the dust cleared out I was staring at a king who'd lost his crown...
Standing over some poor soul's body, laying lifeless on the ground.
Well the truth be told, he had sold his soul for his own brother's gold.

Well if you have the time, you can go unwind, but I'll be far away.
From those city lights and bloody nights you'll regret the debt that you will pay.