1. She's a Killer

From the recording Last to Leave (mp3 download)

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We all know dangerous women and the men who are attracted to them. Wrap it into an infectious rockabilly groove, add some tasty minor chords, et voila...she IS a killer.


A painted rose in a red dress
A night queen born of excess
She walks like a woman but she thinks like a man
She gets what she wants and she takes what she can

Ooooo boys, you better watch your hearts tonight
Ooooo girls, you better keep your eyes on your wandering guys
Baby’s struttin’ she’s a cat out on the prowl
There’s bound to be trouble if she can’t get a man somehow
She’s a Killer

Don’t you see her out on the strip
A commotion every time she flips
Don’t get too close, one look can kill
Always in danger ‘til she’s had her fill