1. Last To Leave

From the recording Last to Leave (mp3 download)

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The title track, this straight ahead country dance tune covers the touchy subject of the late night lifestyle and how it can affect your life and the lives of those you love.


I said I wasn’t gonna stand here talking like this
With the thoughts pouring out of my head
I said I wasn’t be here sitting around
When I oughta be going to bed
Hours have passed and still I’m here
Singing this same old song
Hanging with whoever
Drinking all night long

So fly away, fly away home
Your bed’s on fire your husband gone
Four long years he was on his knees
Begging you to come home please, girl please
Have you lost your path
What you looking for in the bottom of a glass
You’ve found everything you need
When you find yourself…Last to Leave

I like my whiskey straight my coffee black
When I leave this place I’m never looking back
It’s a chapter in a worn out tale
Many live to tell
Now you can’t always justify
Sitting here, getting high
Time waits for no one
And was never on your side