From the recording Last to Leave (mp3 download)

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Life on the road can be a lot of fun until you end up on the SIDE of the road, broke down and (almost) broke. With dates looming and finances waning, we take you two stepping through our real life adventure. Lesson learned? Don't drive an old hunk of junk when you need to be somewhere on time. (We made it to the show on time.)


Broke Down and Broke
Ain’t that the way that it always goes
When time is on your side and you’re feeling mighty fine
Moving on down the road
Broke Down and Broke
We’ve got places to go
The show is a-waiting there’s no time for wasting
We’re Broke Down and Broke

Thinking maybe so
We should have stopped a few miles ago
Out side the last town when we heard that funny sound
Now the black smoke’s burning my nose
Stuck on the side of the road
We need a tow to the nearest garage
Made a call to AAA but they wouldn’t pay
A hundred five degrees and we’re losing hope

She ain’t what she used to be
It’s time to put the old girl down
There’ll be no next time my friends it won’t happen again
Lesson learned in the first degree