From the recording Last to Leave (mp3 download)

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Murder ballads are a part of our American lore, telling stories of people long gone. This dirge is a true tale of Addie Hall and Zack Bowen, whose lives will never be forgotten.


Listen dear Addie, poor Addie Hall
It's not your fault
It cost his soul when he lost control
Poor poor Addie Hall

These are the dark and wild times
Here is the new frontier
Gone are the woman and the man
That I will tell of here

When Uncle Sam called Zach Bowen was brave
And made his pappy proud
Back home he met a sweet young thing
A new life he had found

He never spoke about the vow
He'd made or what he'd done
The darkness that lay deep inside
Was beating like a drum

He did commit a blackened deed
The devil's feast was lain
And though he wished it all a dream
He knew that he must pay

I'll not detail for gentle ears
More for it was grim
But when the sunlight showed it's face
He'd torn her limb from limb